GPS Feature

The GPS feature will find the geographic location of your phone.


By default the GPS feature is ready to go out-of-the-box.

Using via texting

Borrow someone else's cell phone. Text your GPS attention word to your lost device's phone number. By default the GPS attention word is "WMD GPS".

Using via Commander

From the main dashboard of Commander you may click the "Locate" button on the left toolbar to refresh the devices location.

Common GPS issues

GPS doesn't respond via texting
  • Make sure your using the sideloaded version of the app. Check the about menu in the app and it should say 'sideload' next to the version number. If not you need to download the app from us here. Be sure to read the instructions before downloading.
  • Do you have a texting replacement app such as Handcent, Go SMS, or WhatsApp? Read this article for further help Using a texting replacement app
  • Is the white/black list enabled? If so, try disabling it just to test the app. Often the white/black list is misconfiged. Read this article for more info White/Black list issues
  • Do you have a task management app? Apps like these are likely to kill WMD while it works in the background to get your phones location. Solution: Add WMD to your task management apps exclude list so it doesn't kill WMD.
GPS doesn't respond via Commander
  • If your getting no response at all make sure the device has a data connection.
  • If you have any settings to turn data off to save power this will break the connection between the app and Commander.
GPS fails to get location
  • GPS may not enable by itself on all phones. To ensure the GPS feature works, enable both GPS and network based location from within the GPS setup menu.
  • GPS can fail to find the exact location of a device if too many material obstructions are in the way of the satellite signal. The most common places for GPS to fail are in hospitals or metal roofed office buildings. When the GPS application fails to get a clear reading of the latitude and longitude, the app will then send the user the network based location of their device. The network based location is the location of the closest cell tower to the device and could be several miles away from the the actual location. Satellite locations are constantly changing because of the curvature of the Earth so if the GPS fails to get the exact location try again at a different time during the day.
Notification while locating

As of Android 8.0 Google forces any app accessing location in the background to show a notification. We tried to make it as minimal as possible and display for the shortest time we could. You can disable notifications for the WMD, but Android will still show its own notification.

Disable notification

Phones Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Notifications -> Notifications -> Where's My Droid and turn off Location Notification.

GPS Flare

The flare will send out an email with the current location when the battery gets low.


Enable the flare feature in the GPS Setup menu of the app.

By default the email will be sent to your Commander account. If you have Elite you may add additional email addresses to send the alert to.

Common GPS Flare Issues

Don't get the flare at all
  • Make sure you have set WMD to be "not optimized" by the Android system. System Settings -> Apps -> Where's My Droid -> Advanced -> Battery -> Battery optimization. Make sure it's set to "not optimized". If not tap on the Battery optimization option. In the drop down select "All apps" and scroll down to find WMD. Tap on WMD to be able to set it to "not optimized".
  • Do you have a task management or battery saver app? Apps like that are likely to kill WMD while it works in the background. Solution: Add WMD to your task management apps exclude list so it doesn't kill WMD.
Get the email but no location
  • Be sure your phones GPS is enable and set to "high-accuracy" mode. The app can help you by going to the GPS Setup menu.

Ring Feature

The ring feature will force your phone to ring at max volume no matter what it was set to.

Using via texting

Borrow someone else's cell phone. Text your ring attention word to your lost device's phone number. By default the ring attention word is "WMD ring".

Using via Commander

From the Commander dashboard click the Ring button on the left toolbar.

Common Ring issues

Won't activate via texting
  • Make sure your using the sideloaded version of the app. Check the about menu in the app and it should say 'sideload' next to the version number. If not you need to download the app from us here. Be sure to read the instructions before downloading.
  • Do you have a texting replacement app such as Handcent, Go SMS, or WhatsApp? Read this article for further help Using a texting replacement app
  • Is the white/black list enabled? If so, try disabling it just to test the app. Often the white/black list is misconfiged. Read this article for more info White/Black list issues
  • Do you have a task management app? Apps like that are likely to kill WMD while it works in the background. Solution: Add WMD to your task management apps exclude list so it doesn't kill WMD.
Won't activate via Commander
  • If your getting no response at all make sure the device has a data connection.
Found button shows, but no sound
  • Try changing the ringtone that the app uses.

Camera Feature

Take pictures with either the front or back facing camera. This can be useful to "see" the surroundings of your lost phone.

Setup - On-Demand

The on-demand function allows you to take pictures with the device's camera at anytime.

Click the “Camera Setup” button from the main menu. Verify the “Enable via text” and "Enable via Commander" are checked.

Setup - On Failed Unlock

Have the app take a picture when someone failed to enter your devices screen lock. Note: you must have a screen lock enabled for this feature to work.

Click on the "Camera Setup" from the main menu. Enable the feature and set the email to send the picture to. By default it will go to your Commander account email address.

Taking pictures on-demand

From the Commander dashboard click the "Camera" button in the left toolbar, or text your camera attention word to your lost device's phone number. By default the camera attention words are "WMD camera front" or "WMD camera back".

Where your pictures are stored

If you enabled the 'Save to SD card' feature then all pictures taken are also stored to your phones SD card. They won't be stored with your usual pictures. They will be in a folded called Where's My Droid. You'll need a computer or file browsing app to see them.

Common Camera issues

Fail to take picture
  • The app may fail to take a picture if your battery is low. This is because Android locks out camera access on low power.
Fail to upload picture
  • Your phone must have a data connection in order to upload pictures.
  • A slow data connection may also cause the app to fail to upload.
  • Some WiFi networks, such as corporate networks and public hotspots, may block some traffic on its network. This could include the way the app uploads the picture to our server.
  • Make sure your phones time is correct. If the time is wrong the authentication to the server will fail and it can't upload.

Lock Feature

This feature will remotely set a screen lock. If your device falls into unknown hands you can lock your phone until you are able to recover it.

Requires Android 6.0.1 or less. Read more


Click the “Lock Setup” button. Click “Set Device Admin” (If not already set). Select “Activate” to allow Where's My Droid to use advanced features

Locking/unlocking your device via text

Lock: Text your lock attention word to your lost device, followed by a 4-8 digit PIN. (E.x. "WMD Lock 1234").

Unlock: To unlock your device text your unlock attention word. By default the attention word is "WMD unlock".

Locking/unlock your device from Commander

Lock: Log into your Commander account and click on the Lock feature in the left-hand toolbar. Enter a PIN to lock the device with and hit "Set".

Unlock: To unlock your device click the unlock button in the Lock feature slideout

Note: Using the unlock feature will remove any screen lock that the app has put in place, or that you have put in place manually. Once unlocked the device will no longer need any sort of PIN or password to access it.

Common Lock issues

Device doesn't lock
  • Be sure to enable the app as a 'Device Admin' from the remote lock menu.
  • You will need to remove a screen lock delay. To remove the screen lock delay, enable a screen lock with any type, patten, pin, or password from within your phone's settings. Once setup, in the setting for a screen lock now should be a time delay. Set it to “immediately”. You should now remove the screen lock.
  • When setting the lock attention word, do not enter a pin in this box. You will set a PIN when sending the text to lock your phone.
  • Check for other apps that have 'Device Admin' rights. If they do, they could be setting constraints on your screen lock that we can't override.
PIN doesn't work
  • Try hitting enter without entering a PIN on the device.
  • Try using an older screen lock PIN. If you already have a screen lock in place the app can't change it, only enforce it.
Forgot PIN
  • Commander can show you the last used PIN. Log into your account online and click on the Lock tab. There you'll see an option to have the system reveal your last used PIN.
  • If the above doesn't work try using an older screen lock you have had set on your phone.
Android 7.0
  • WMD is only allowed to lock the device if it didn't already have a screen lock.
  • This means the Unlock feature will not be able to work at all. You'll have to remove a screen lock by going into the phones system security menus.
  • Read more about this issue here.

Remote Wipe

Remote Wipe will erase data permanently from your device. Only use it if your device is lost without any chance for recovery.


Click the “Wipe Setup” button. Click “Set Device Admin” (If not already set). Select “Activate” to allow Where's My Droid to use advanced features. Place a check mark where you want your information to be wiped: “Device” or “SD Card”.

Wiping your device

Text your wipe attention word to your lost device. By default the wipe attention word is "WMD wipe". Your device will text back asking you to confirm the wipe. Text back "Confirm Remote Wipe" to finalize the process or "No" to cancel it.


Requires a passcode to enter the apps setups menu.


From the main menu of the app click the "Passcode" button. Set a 4 digit passcode, you'll be asked to confirm it.

The app will automatically lock 10 minutes after enter the passcode. This gives you time to edit settings without being bothered for the passcode or requiring you to manually lock the app.

Uninstall Defense

Prevents the app from being uninstalled. If an attempt is made, the screen lock becomes engaged to lock down the whole device.

Requires Android 6.0.1 or less. Read More


Open the Uninstall Defense menu in the app. If you haven't already you must set the app as a 'Device Admin'. Once you have enabled the Uninstall Defense feature you must set a PIN. This is a 4-6 digit number that will be used to lock the device with. If someone attempts to uninstall the app you'll need this PIN to get back into the device.

IMPORTANT: Write this number down somewhere safe. If you forgot it you may be locked out of your phone forever.

Forgot PIN: Login into your Commander account, click the Lock tab. There the system can reveal the last used PIN that was used to lock your device.

SIM Monitor

Get an email alert if some inserts a new SIM card.


Open the SIM Monitor menu in the app. After enabling the feature check the "Phone data". It should show your current SIM and phone numbers. If it doesn't, click on them to open a menu where you can refresh them.


Everytime your phone boots up the app will check if the SIM was replaced. If so it will send you an email with the new SIM and phone numbers so you could still use the app via texting.

Common SIM Monitor issues

Doesn't show correct phone number
  • The app gets your phone's number from the SIM card. Once this number is written to the SIM card it can't be changed. So if you port a new number to a SIM card, it won't be able to change to the new number. Because of this it may show no number or an older phone number.
  • The feature will still work even if it gets the wrong phone number. This is because it will still recognized the SIM number changing and send you the phone number of the new SIM card.
False alerts
  • Sometimes while roaming between networks your phones SIM number may change. So long as you still have your phone you can ignore false alerts. The app will continue to monitor for future changes.

White/Black list

This will control who can use the app via texting for your phone.

Note: This is not really a recommended feature to use. Instead we recommend you change your attention words. If you do that, a person would have to know your attention words to use the app. This way you're not limiting yourself to the device you can use if you do lose your phone.


First you'll need to decide if you want to use the white list or the black list. Using it as the white list will only allow numbers on the list to activate the apps features. If you set it up as the black list then it will only block the numbers on the list, all other phones can use it.

Next let's add some numbers. The easiest way is to pull from contacts. Click the button to load your contacts and pick a number from there. If you have problems with that method you can manually enter a number instead. Be sure to enter the number just as it shows up on your caller id.

Be sure to test the app after setting up the list. It's possible the app may see numbers differently than you have them on the list and not function correctly.

White/Black list issues

The most common issue with the White/Black list having the numbers misconfigured. The best way to diagnose this is to send an attention word from a phone that you want to be able to use the app. No go into the Activity Log, its in the advanced menu. The log will say if it accepted or rejected the text base on the white list. Note how the phone number appears here. That is how the number should be entered on the white list.

Theft Detection

Automatically detect if your device becomes stolen and react in a number of ways instantly.



First you should setup the triggers for the feature. These are the things the app monitors to detect if the device is stolen. This is how you tell the app what defines your phone as being stolen.

There are many different options. Lets go over each one.

  • Monitor screen lock

    If you have a screen lock enabled this will monitor failed attempts to access your device

  • SIM removal

    Thieves will often remove a SIM card once they get a phone so it can't be tracked. With this you'll know it and the app will react.

  • App uninstall attempt

    If someone tries to remove the app.

  • Failed app passcode

    Attempting to access Where's My Droid when you have a passcode setup.

  • Device powered off

    A thief will often turn a phone off as soon as then steal it so it can't be tracked. Note: that the app tries to delay shutdown so it can trigger the actions, but some phones may still shut down too fast.

  • Airplane mode enabled

    Sometimes they may want to play with your phone so they enable airplane mode to try and prevent it from being tracked.

  • USB cable attached

    They may be trying to download your personal info or hack your screen lock if you have one.

  • Low battery

    More useful if lost, as the battery gets low it can trigger the actions.


The actions are things the app can do for you once it detects your phone is stolen.

  • Send an email

    Probably the most useful. It can contain information like the current location, devices stats, and even pictures.

  • Enable screen lock

    If you don't normally have a screen lock this can be a great way to enable one when it's really needed.

  • Display a notification

    Show a custom message in the notification bar.

  • Activate ring feature

    Cause the app to start ringing at full volume.

Passive Location

Updates your device location to Commander throughout the day. Great for seeing where your device has been since it was lost.


Simply enable it and you're ready to go. The device's location will be uploaded to your Commander account for you to view. The app updates its location every few hours or so.

Note: You must already have a Commander account setup in order to use this feature.

Motion Alarm

Activates an alarm if someone tries to pick up your phone. It uses the phones accelerometer sensors to determine if the phone has moved. This is a great feature if you need to leave your phone somewhere to charge, such as an airport.


Open the Motion Alarm menu in the app. Go into the settings menu. Here you can adjust how long the app waits before arming the alarm, and how long you have to enter the correct passcode after the alarm has been triggered.

You must setup a passcode. Motion Alarm uses the same passcode that is used to lock the apps menus. If you already use the passcode feature to protect the apps menus then you don't need to set this up.


When you need to set your phone down and leave it alone for a while.


  1. Open the Motion Alarm menu and tap Enable.
  2. The app will begin a count down.
  3. Set your phone down where it won't get moved on accident.
  4. You can exit the app or turn the screen off before the count down ends.


  1. Pick up your phone and turn the screen on.
  2. The app should prompt you to enter your passcode.
  3. If no pin pad apears you can use the notification to open it.
  4. Enter your passcode and hit enter.


If you're out in public you can set a geofence for the area you are in. If someone steals your phone and leaves that area the app will trigger the stolen mode of the theft detection feature.


Open the Geofence menu and click the settings button in the top right. Select the "Set Theft Actions" menu. Here you can set what you want to happen when the device leaves the area.


Each time you open the Geofence menu the app will find your location and show it on the map. Adjust the radius slider for the area you want. If the device leaves the orange circle it will trigger the stolen actions. Once you have the radius you want click "Enable". Then specify how long you want the geofence to remain active for.

Hide Icon

Have the app's icon hidden from the app launcher drawer so no-one knows that it's installed. Note: Due to Google Play restrictions, this feature is only avalible in the sideloaded version of the app. Download here


Note: Due to Google Play restrictions the hidden icon feature is only available in the sideloaded version of the app. You must download it from us directly rather than Google Play. Click here for more info.

Open the Advanced Settings menu and select the Hide App Icon feature. Enable it and set a number you want to use to open the app.


To open the app you'll enter that code into a calculator app that will appear. Open the calculator app and enter you code, then press equals. To make sure the app locks back up, use the back button on your phone several times until the app closes. If you use the home button it may allow you into the app without the code.

Hidden Icon Issues

Not seeing the feature in the advanced menu? Be sure to download the app from us rather than Google Play here Be sure to follow the download instructions before downloading.

Forgot your PIN? You can use your Commander account to disable the hidden icon feature. Log into your Commander account, select the device and click the edit button under the device name. This will bring up a panel with options for that device. One will be the status of the hidden icon feature. There you can disable or enable it remotely.

Call Feature

Activate the app's ring feature from a land line. The feature will be activated anytime a call is missed from a number on the list.


Open the Advanced Settings menu and select the Call Setup feature. Enable the feature and add up to 10 phone numbers that will activate the apps ring feature.


Call your lost phone from a phone that is on the list. When the call is missed the app will turn the ringer up and ring at full volume.

Device Stats and Nearby Wifi

Get stats about your device like battery level and see what wifi networks your device is near.


None required.

If you wish you may change the attention word for this feature in the Attention Word menu.

Use via texting

Text your Device Stats attention word to your lost phone. By default the attention word is "WMD Stats". The phone will respond with some device stats and the nearby wifi.

Use via Commander

Log into your Commander account. Next to your device's name is a Device Info button. Click that to open the slide out with the stats on it. Click the refresh button at the top of the slide out to request updated device stats.

Add a device to Commander

Add the device

Open the WMD app on the device you want to add. Tap on the Commander button. Log into your account to add the device.

Device limit

You can have up to 10 devices total on one account. 3 of them can be the free version of the app and the rest must each have Pro installed or you must have an Elite account.


When you add a device it becomes linked based on its device id, not the phone number. This means that if you get a new phone you need to link it as well.

A device can only be linked to one Commander account at a time. If you want to move a device a different account you must remove it first.

Remove a device from Commander

If you get a new device you may want to remove the old device from your account.

From within the app

  1. Open the Where's My Droid app on the device you want to remove.
  2. Click on the Commander menu.
  3. Tap the menu button in the top right.
  4. Select 'Remove' and confirm 'Yes' in the dialog.

You can also remove a device from another device on the same Commander account.

  1. Open the Where's My Droid app.
  2. Click on the Commander menu.
  3. Find the device card for the device you want to remove.
  4. Tap the trashcan icon for that device.
  5. Select 'Yes' to confirm removing that device.

From Commander website

Log into your account at

Mobile website
  1. Select the device you want to remove from the list on the left.
  2. Click on the device list again and select 'Edit Device'.
  3. At the bottom of the slideout is a 'Remove Device' button.
Desktop website
  1. Select the device you want to remove from the list on the left.
  2. Click the trashcan icon under the device name.


If you have an Elite account, removing a device will take away its Elite features.

Commander Troubleshooting

Commander doesn't respond

Data is needed for Commander to send its commands to your device. Be sure that you have some kind of data service enabled.

Check your phone's data sleep policy. Some phones may shut data off when the device is in sleep mode, screen off. Without data, Commander can't get its commands to your device.

Do you have any power saving apps? These may be turning data off in order to save power. They could also be killing WMD background processes in an attempt to save power.

Do you have a task management app? If so this may be killing WMD's background process when it tries to locate your device. Please configure your task manager to ignore WMD.

Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Services. This is an app required for Commander to work. All devices should come with this pre-installed, just make sure its up-to-date.

It's possible for the app to become out-of-sync with Commander. Restarting your phone forces it to re-sync, but if it still doesn't work try removing the device from your account and adding it back.

I got a new device what should I do?

When you get a new device you need to be sure to link your new device to Commander. Start by removing your old device from Commander, so there is no confusion. Then log into Commander though the app on your new device to link it to your account.

Getting "Not Registered" status

The most common reason to see the "Not Registered" status message is if the app was uninstalled from that device. When the app gets uninstalled it's no longer "registered" in the system. The device stays in your account so you can still see that last known location. To fix this make sure the app is installed on your device and log into Commander though the app.

Using Amazon Alexa

Use voice commands to find your phone with Where's My Droid.


Search for "Where's My Droid" in the skills section of the Alexa app. Once enabled you'll be asked to log into your Commander account.

Next you'll be asked to pick a default device. This is the device you'll most likely want to use with Alexa. If you don't tell Alexa a specific device to find she will find the default.

Note: Be sure you already have an account and that your primary device is linked to it before linking Alexa.

Finding your phone by voice

Alexa supports both the ring feature and locate by GPS. The easiest way to locate your phone is to say "Alexa, open Where's My Droid". If the app has a recent location for your phone she will say it, then ask if you want to make your phone ring or get an updated location.

To make your phone ring say "Alexa, ask Where's My Droid to make my phone ring."

To get your phones location say "Alexa, ask Where's My Droid to find my phone."

Finding other devices on your account

If you want to have Alexa find a different device on your account say the name of the devie in place of "my phone". Say it as you have it labeled in Commander.

For example, "Alexa, ask Where's My Droid to make Nexus 7 Tablet ring."


Purchasing Pro will unlock extra features in the app. For details on which features are available in Pro check out the features page.

Bought a new phone

If you bought a new phone Pro will follow you to your new device. This works because we use Google Play for handling the license. As long as you use the same email account with Google Play you will get Pro.

If Pro doesn't unlock the first time you open the app on your new device you may need to open the Upgrade to Pro menu. Each time that menu is opened the app checks for existing purchases.

Pro on multiple devices

Pro is indented to be per device. However it does link to your Google Play account so it will transfer to other device with that account

To transfer Pro to another device all you need to do is open the Upgrade menu. As soon as the menu opens the app will check for your purchase and unlock Pro if it sees it.

If your devices use different email account with Google Play you will have to purchase a Pro license for each email account you want Pro on.


Purchasing Elite will unlock extra features in the app. For details on which features are available in Elite check out the features page.

Commander account required

You must have a Commander account to purchase Elite. This is because Commander is used to validate the subscription.

Elite on multiple devices

When you purchase Elite its for all devices on your Commander account. Once you complete the purchase your account will become an Elite account. All other devices will unlock Elite shortly. You can force a device to check for Elite by opening up the Upgrade menu.

Move Elite subscription

Elite is tied to the Commander account you purchased it for. If you need to use a new Commander account you'll need to cancel your current subscription and start a new one with the new Commander account.

Cancel Elite Subscription

You can manage your subscription from your Google Play account. A quick way to get there is from the Upgrade menu of the app.


Some anti-virus apps have been known to flag Where's My Droid. This isn't because it has a virus or any malware in it. Its due to the fact that Where's My Droid requires a lot of permissions. Many malware apps ask for a lot a permissions so they can steal personal info. That's what these anti-virus apps are warning about.

If you have an anti-virus app that is flagging Where's My Droid you may contact us at If you tell us the anti-virus app you are using we will contact them and can often get Where's My Droid removed as an alert. You can also usually report Where's My Droid as a false positive though the anti-virus app itself. This will also help to get us removed.

Using a texting replacement app

WMD works best with the stock Android "Messaging" app by Google. If you wish to use a third-partying texting app it may require some work to get it working.


Here is a list of known apps that will work with WMD with some modifications

Verizon Message+

Verizon recently made some changes to Message+. If both phones use Message+ then Verizon may send the message over the internet rather than via a real text message. When this happens WMD can't read the incoming text.

Most users report that disabling "Chat" mode will fix this. It will force the app to send all messages over the network rather than via the internet. You can change this by going to the Message+ app -> Click top left menu button -> Settings -> Advanced -> Enable Chat.

If that doesn't work your other option is to switch to the stock "Messaging" app on the phone that is sending the text. Once done you can switch back to Message+ and you won't lose any of your settings or texts.


Go to the profile tab and click "Settings". Go into the "General" tab and find "Advanced settings". Turn off the "Priority to messaging" option.


Tap the "Inbox" dropdown and select "More". Click on the "Settings" menu. Select the "Default Messaging application" and set that to "Disable".

Android Kitkat

In Android 4.4+ Google changed the way texting is handled. This means that any of the above apps will work without modification.

Internet based texting

Apps like WhatsApp and Google Voice use the Internet to send messages. These messages are secure and are not broadcast out for other apps to see. For this reason its not possible to use WMD via texting in this way.

Manufacture replacement apps

Even though you may not have downloaded a third-party app, it may have come pre-installed with one. Many phone manufactures are making their own texting apps an pre-installing them on your phone. Most should work but some use RCS (Rich Communication Services). WMD can't read texts that come though this way so you must disable this mode.

Uninstalling the app

Sorry to see you go :(

WMD Version 6.0 or newer

Use our handy fast uninstall option. You can access it from the upper right hand corner of the apps main menu.

Older WMD Versions

First, you should unlink the device from your Commander account. Do this in the Commander menu of the app.

Second, disable the Uninstall Defense feature if you have it enable. Otherwise the next step will lock your device.

Third, you must remove the app as a 'Device Admin'. This can be done from the phone's System -> Security menus.

Finally, you may now uninstall the app from either Google Play or the phone's system menus.

Upgrading to Pro or Elite

The app has extra features available in both the Pro and Elite versions of the app.

How to Upgrade

The upgrade to Pro and Elite must be done though the app. Open the main menu of the app. Click the menu button in the top right and select Upgrade. Here you can now pick between the Pro version and the Elite version.

Notes about Pro

We no longer sell the Pro version, but if you already bought it then you still get access to all the features you paid for. If you have any questions email us at

Notes about Elite

Elite is for your whole Commander account. You will purchase Elite on the primary device that will manage the subscription. Every other device on your Commander account will then also get Elite.

Elite not show up on your other devices? Open the Upgrade menu to have it check for Elite status.

Pro Version No Longer For Sale

I know there is a lot of confustion about us no longer selling the Pro version. Allow me to clear this up. Since 2009 we have had the Pro version which had a few extra features such as Lock, Wipe, and Camera to name a few. As the app grew we added more features to it up until about 2013. For years we didn't add any new features. This was because many features we wanted to add could not be supported by the one-time fee for-life model of Pro. In January of 2016 we finally add many features we had been working on, and put them in a new package called Elite. Now with Elite as a subscription mode we could finally offer many more features.

For 3 years we offered 3 packages: free, Pro, and Elite. Pro had a few extra features, then Elite had everything of Pro and more. In early 2019 we decided to stop selling Pro. This was due to the confusion between one package that was a one-time fee for one device, and another that was a subscription and covered mulitple devices. Each with different feature sets and options. Also, due to Elite being a better value no one was buying Pro anymore.

Now, even though we have stopped selling Pro, we still support it. So for those of you who already bought Pro you still get all the same features you paid for. In fact we have since added a few more things to Pro as well. But if you are really mad about this change, just email me at and I'll convert your Pro purchase into an Elite one.

Delete Account

If you would like to permanently you may do so within your account online. Log into your account, click on your profile in the top right, select My Account. There are some tabs on the right of the profile page. The one labeled Delete will remove your account. Please keep in my this is permanent. It will delete all information stored about all your devices, as well as your whole account. You will no longer be able to login, and we will no longer have any information about you in our system.

Terms and Privacy Policy

You can find our Terms and Conditions here and the Privacy Policy here.

Permissions explained

User Permissions are things that the app can access on your device. You may wonder what some of them mean and why they are needed for the app. We have made this page to explain them to you.

Simplified Google Play Permissions


Used to pull your email account for Commander.


For uploading contacts and call log to Commander.


Used to find the location of your lost device.


Used to read your texts to look for the attention words and to be able to send text messages back.


Also needed for the call log feature and the hidden icon feature.


Allows us to save the pictures take with the camera feature. Also needed for the remote wipe feature.


Needed for the camera feature.

Wi-Fi Connection information

Used in the Device Stats feature where you can see nearby wifi.

Device ID & call information

In order to link your device to a Commander account we need the device ID information.

Device Administrator Permissions

Lock the screen, Change the screen lock, Set password rules, Set screen lock password expiration

These four permissions allow the app to changes your phone's screen lock password and engage the screen lock remotely.

Monitor screen unlock attempts

Allows the app to take a picture when someone fails to unlock your device.

Erase all data

Give the app permission to remotely wipe your device's personal data. If you do not want the app to be able to wipe you can disable it in the Wipe Setup menu.

Full Android Permissions

Network Communication

  • Market billing service - Is needed to process in-app billing transactions, which is used to unlock Pro and Elite.
  • Full internet access - Needed for Commander and for sending emails.
  • View network state - Ties into the last permission for Internet access.

Your location

  • Fine (GPS) location - This is needed to get your devices GPS and network based location.

Phone calls

  • Read phone state and identity - To see when phone calls come through to make the call feature work in the Pro version.
  • Reroute outgoing calls - This is part of the ability to hide the apps icon. Since the icon will be gone you need some way back into the app. You will dial a special number that the app is waiting for to open the app.

System tools

  • Prevent phone from sleeping - In order for GPS to work the device has to come out of sleep mode first (does not prevent sleep all the time).
  • Automatically start at boot - Used to check sim card on every boot for a different sim card.
  • Change network connectivity - Needed for all features dealing with Internet access.
  • Modify global system settings - Used to enable GPS if its disabled.

Your messages

  • Receive SMS - This is how the app reads incoming messages to check for the attention word.

Services the cost you money

  • Send SMS messages - Used to send a message back to the sending phone with the gps location of your device (doesn't cost you money if you have texting on your plan).

Hardware controls

  • Change your audio settings - To change the devices volume level off of silent and all the way up.
  • Control vibrate - Used to engage the vibrator while ringing when lost.
  • Take pictures and video - This is needed to access the camera to remotely take pictures.

Your personal information

  • Read contact data - For uploading contact and call log as well as the call feature.

Your Accounts

  • Use the authentication credentials of an account - Used for syncing with Commander.
  • Discover known accounts - Allows the app to see what accounts are on your device. Also used for syncing with Commander.


  • Modify/delete SD card contents - This is used for the remote wipe feature in Pro. Remote wipe can factory reset the device and also format the SD card as well. This is also needed for the camera feature, it allows the app to first save the image to the SD card before uploading to our servers.


  • Modify battery statistics - Used for the GPS Flare feature.

You may also wonder why the free version needs some of the same access that the Pro and Elite versions need. Thats because the free version contains the same exact app as the Pro/Elite version. Pro or Elite can be upgrade to from within the app.

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